The African Chess Confederation (ACC) is the continental administrative affiliate to the World Chess Federation (FIDE) representing Africa. The current guiding statutes of the organization were approved  in the Moroccan   city of Agadir on   November  4, 1999. The first   amendment  to the   statutes  was approved  on  October 5, 2013 during the 84th FIDE Congress in the Estonian city of Tallinn. The second amendment to the statutes of the African Chess Confederation was approved  during the 2018 Extraordinary General Assembly held in Sousse, Tunisia on January 21, 2018.

The aims of the ACC, as provided in the statutes, are as follows: 

  • To popularize, develop and promote Chess in Africa.
  • To protect and defend the interests of its Members.
  • To represent its Members before FIDE and other international organizations.
  • To adopt rules and regulations for the Continental competitions, in accordance with FIDE rules and regulations.
  • To organize Continental championships under the auspices of FIDE.
  • To establish and develop friendly cooperation between its Members and with the other Continental Chess Organizations.

The Board of the African Chess Confederation led by Mr.Lewis Ncube is pleased to be able to provide the African chess community with this state of the art platform to enhance the chess development process in our beautiful continent.

The historical change in the global chess administration composition  brought about by the  FIDE   elections of October 2018 in  Batumi, Georgia provides Africa with an opportunity to develop more effective chess development tools with a more receptive support structure.

The launch of this new platform of the African Chess Confederation heralds an important step as we seek to accelerate the growth of chess in both popularity and quality.

The years of 2014 to 2018 witnessed an increase in the number of continental and zonal tournaments in the African continent.

This increase in events also led to more players taking up the sport of chess in all the African federations across the wider age spectrum.

As chess is one of the few sports where children as young as five are able to represent their country and continent at international  events,  it is imperative that the communication platform is designed to ensure that an effective development process is sustainable and must also be adaptable to the needs of all ages.

The African Chess Confederation has therefore carefully selected a website & App model that suits the needs of all its targeted audience.

The Board of the African Chess Confederation is committed to providing the African chess community EMPOWERMENT and SUSTAINABILITY programs. designed to make African federations fully functional with internally generated resources.

This platform will also be used to provide African Federations with various models which can be used to achieve the indicated objectives.

In pursuance of these objectives, the African Chess Confederation will also pursue a policy of identifying Strategic Partnerships.

The identified Strategic Partners will be required to work with both the African federations and the African Chess Confederation in implementing the chosen EMPOWERMENT and SUSTAINABILITY programs.

This platform will also be used as a link to our Strategic Partners and their programs.

On behalf of the Board of the African Chess Confederation, I wish to thank the African chess community for their support and wish everyone accessing our platform all the best and hope that we are able to meet the needs of your aspirations.